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Caterway can also offer a wide selection of cheeses and eggs.


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About Us

Two family businesses Fitzpatricks and Hanleys established in the 1940’s, succeeded respectively by a second generation of brothers and finally merged as one company in May 1998, led to the formation of Caterway. This brief synopsis provides the background to Caterway, a wholly owned Irish company involved in the wholesale supply of fruit and vegetables to the catering industry. This business steeped in tradition and experience now employs over 50 people from our base in Halston Street, Dublin 7 (behind the four courts) at the heart of the fruit and vegetable market.

The company directors, Philip and Kieran Fitzpatrick and Michael and David Hanley whilst recognising the traditional family background nature of the business have endeavoured to create a company with the scale, vision and strategy to become a leading force in the fresh produce industry. Our aim as a company is to provide our customers with the best quality seasonal produce sourced from a wide network of Irish growers and from Europe at a competitive price. The four directors whilst managing the company’s future direction, acknowledge that their management style continues to be very much a hands on approach in this unique industry. This coupled with the enlistment of key individuals that remained with the company throughout the transition from a family to independent company has allowed Caterway as a company to thrive.

Where possible we are compelled to supplying as much Irish locally produced seasonal goods to our diverse range of customers. This we believe enhances the freshness of produce greatly reduces our carbon footprint and consequently delivery costs. At Caterway our list of customers ranges from large catering firms, independent retailers, hotels, restaurants and hospitals. This provides us as a supplier with a unique two-way communication flow of information to customise each client’s individual needs.

All of our suppliers are audited annually and Caterway personnel carry out site visits on an adhoc basis. All deliveries are checked for quality and condition of packaging before being added to stock. Our H.A.C.C.P system enables us to identify and trace the products that arrive on our premises. All processed vegetables originate from a plant that is approved by the Midlands Health service executive and environmental health officers audit this plant regularly. The dry goods division of Caterway is a convenient and versatile addition to our fresh food facility. We endeavour to help the busy chef by keeping up with new trends and supplying any special ingredient requests. All of our products are ethically sourced and fully comply with H.A.C.C.P requirements.